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December 2009

Recommended books:The Red Book (Carl Jung), Background Noise (Brandon LaBelle), Information arts (Stephen Wilson)

August 15, 2008

So I realized that it might be a good idea to rename my news section into "my memoirs"...
Summer was busy, indeed.

Here a few windows into June and July '08: Independence day in LA, bestest ever! Chick fil A in Jersey again plus a fesh wedding in Philly where I ate as many different food bits as never before in my life (around 73.) Boston Harbor Cruise. Red Sox game soundscapes. Ultimate frisbee. Chapel wall and climbing. Chemicals and proteins. Brazilian music and charm in Cambridge. Blue skies and thunderstorms. Picnic at the Charles with radiant people, cracking cosmic eggs and telling secrects. Fondue in summer. Bermuda.


Next best event on the horizon: The World Knowledge Dialogue in Crans Montana, Switzerland. I got invited to this unique Symposium towards a modern Humanism as a young scientist. Convergences and divergences in collective network knowledge & human individual intelligence as well as Collaborative Behaviour, Altruism & Conflict will be discussed and investigated in good company, safe and elevated in the clean mountain air. (wkdialogue.org)

May 28th, 2008

"Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it." (favorite fortune cookie note so far)

May 27th, 2008

Ode to Lil John (with borrowed words and concept of A.L.)
I was sitting in a room, different from the one you are in now. I was recording the sound of the speaking voices that were played back into the room again and again until the resonant frequencies of the room re-enforced themselves, so that any semblance of relativity with perhaps the exception of formality was destroyed. What I heard then was the natural resonant frequencies of the room articulated by abundance.

May 26th, 2008

And more we get... Rhode Island is the newest addition to my "States visited" agenda. Got the flavor of Newport with its Tennis Hall of Fame where I discovered court tennis (also called "real tennis" by the way, whereas the real tennis is called "lawn tennis"), enjoyed the sea breeze and relaxed in good company. Also attended a great presentation about underwater communication which was held held at Brown University and hosted by the IEEE EMBS Providence chapter in collaboration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution .
Furthermore, I played the "remember a name game" a lot, was happy about its efficacy and devoted a few nocturnal thoughts to memory and its implication on humans accordingly. -Should you be interested in strategies that actually can help remember names, feel free to send a message with your inquiry =) (no guarantees)
New interesting and promising audio projects turned out to be another gentle harmonic disturbance in my recently re-acquired, controlled sleeping scheme. But although I developed a taste for the morning (the morning after a few hours of sleep), deep down I think that enhanced night time activity may be more of genetical nature than a conscious choice...
I don't follow trends but I do like Haiku and Sudoku. A Haiku typically counts sound units, or 'on', and traditionally consists of a pattern of 5, 7, and 5 'on'. Sudoku is a number placement puzzle and is purely logic-based. The only thing that the Haiku and Sudoku have in common is that they both require compliance with a fixed structure in order to be solved, but the aproach is amazingly different. Anyways, to come full circle and end this late night news entry with a nocturnal note, here are some haikus that accumulated over the last month's wee hours. Because Sudokus are more present in diurnal life.


sounds travel the night
water boiling on the fire
meditation still

glowing screens of blue
never tired fingertips
turtle heart awake

hot air and cold fumes
mingle in the rays of light
barefoot in wet sand

shells around my neck
pinholes in the sky above
people laughing loud

miss things that mean home
beyond liquid crystal strength
changing temperatures

cherry blossoms fade
sleeping beauty tangled hair
cool safety at night

Recent good night stories include a revisit to Aldous's essay about his brave new world, and stories about predictably irrational forces that shape our decisions.isbn 978-0-06-135323-9

April 15th, 2008

Life is beautiful, spring is back, - what more could we want? But we always want more, right? ^-^ And it's good like that, if we manage to maintain our balance and also focus on the 'important' things, not only the 'urgent'...

Anyways, spring time is also usually a very busy time, and so it comes with no surprise that a few nameworthy events are on the horizon. I will attend Sarnoff Symposium on Communication Technology in Princeton, NJ (yay chik fil a!), which surely will be interesting...Then a few small concerts are in the planning, hopefully you can read shortly more about this in the concert section...

April 1st, 2008

I am not fooling around, but I was dying to write this little update... =)

Back from SXSW, a mind expanding experience indeed! Soo many cool acts and gigs, all brought together in one little town for a little longer than one week... Awesome amazing Austin, TX..[it was almost better than Montreux (!, but you can't compare...!)]. Quick summary: "Brazilian girl(s)", fabulous show; much expertise, know how and nice arrangements, one of the best live shows despite of the meager audience at the red bull moon space venue..."Cut Copy", a lot of energy at the Mohawk by sunshine, 80F and numerology talks...Then, Pharell at the Fader/Levis event, not so wild 'Walk on the Wild Side' with Lou Reed (oh why not "Perfect Day"?), no water at the event but poisonous green punch Go-Gogogo..."Spankrock", "diplo" and etc...However, "Honeyclaws" forever! Thanks to Traey, Thom and Sean, Kat and Minnie....

March 7th, 2008

SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX, is coming up, is coming up...!

Also finished a couple of good reads:
-The brain that changes itself, N. Doidge
-The Laws of Simplicity, J. Maeda
-The Lives of a Cell, L. Thomas

current reads include:
-The creative brain, N. Andreasen
-Cyberarts, L. Jacobson [lots of cool pix and essays]
-The Culture Code, C. Rapaille
-Plenitude, R. Gold
-The Alphabet versus the goddess, L. Shlain

February 23rd, 2008

Looks like someone has been too busy to keep up with the news section! My apologies for that... Anyways, "Happy New Year!" to all of you who didnt receive my best wishes for 2008 personally... May it be a successful, healthy, happy and inspiring time for all of us...!

The highlights of 2008 so far include a blasting start into the new year in Florida with Family and friends, gator sightings in front of the house, lots of Swiss christmas cookies made with love and splendid times in the sun and on the beach...

Back in Boston, many enjoyable meetings, exiting events (like the "Seamless: Computational Couture" runway fashion show curated by MIT Media Lab grad students, please see pics), and good talks with new aquaintances and old friends enriched my daily life...

January went by extremely (!) quickly. Early February, I went to Europe... Took a Virgin flight to Heathrow and spent two highly sophisticated days in Britain, followed by five RAD nights in Barcelona, where the GSMA Mobile World Congress was taking place...

The congress, formerly known as 3GSM and once almost explicitly targeted towards mobile technology geeks, has transcended into a vibrant event where global entertainment executives gathered with handset makers and mobile operators alike.
The "Fira de Montjuic exhibition center" was definitiely the place where ideas were exchanged about the future of mobile media and communication. However, the beauty of the old and architecturally contrasting city, the variety of fresh tapas, the velvety red wine and being in good company all the time made the BCN experience truly magical...

Now I'm back in the States and enjoy fried food, heavy snowfall and live concerts again. Ain't so bad either....! For more information about the exhibition, please go to http://www.gsmworld.com

November 13th, 2007

Back from Switzerland, the land of chocolate and milk, mountains and alphorns, punctual public transportations and multicultural cities...If Boston = old energy + new spirit, then Zurich = old energy + old spirit... Interesting though, nevertheless.

However, I like being back, despite the hidious spinning neon sign that now replaces the awesome Vintage Red Sox Banner which once peacefully hinted to Fenway Park, Home of the 2007 World Champs......(check pics and decide yourself...)

Lots of traveling since graduation, business and leisure...

September 11th, 2007

I am back in Boston after a magical time in the Dominican Republic. Fall is here, students go back to school and plunder Shaws, Whole Foods, Bed Bath and Beyond and Best Buy. The Red Sox season is almost over, I still never tried one of the Mr. Sausage Guy Dogs. But the morning air is crisp again, and the leaves are turning...

August 10, 2007

By the end of this month, I will be an official Berklee College of Music Alumni! Graduated with honors, two majors and one eye laughing and one crying; ready to conquer the world...Or something like that.

Panta Rhei; everything is in flux! It is a time of transitions: goodbyes and farewells next to new friendships and networks. I am whelmed by the complexity of options and decisions. But exitement dominates...Inspiration flows...

The screening of my Senior Music Synthesis Project "DIES IRAE" was received regardful, you can watch it @ the gallery section. However, DVD's are available for a small donation, the improvement on the audio and the entire impact of the multimedia production are worth it. Please contact RhEd BoA productions via the contact button if you are interested

Many new projects are already in sight and I am looking forward to realize them all...

April 20, 2007

The visiting artist series of Roland Roos at Berklee College of Music and the SMFA (School of Museum of Fine Arts) was a great success, and I am happy to mention some of the highlights: Roland's artist talk at Berklee was well visited and appreciated by everyone who could make it.

The Auditory Network show in the evening was fun to perform at and was received positively by the majority of the audience. A lot of people wanted to talk to the performers and artists after the show, which built a nice atmosphere to linger in and enjoy being an artist for a minute or two.

At the workshop next day, we built cutsy little wavegenerators and ended the day with a live performance in a closed network setup. Meaning we hooked all the computers and wavegenerators together and played around with it, trying to listen to each other. mp3 will be up soon

Cyberarts Festival is in Boston and very inspiring, so there are many shows to go to, listen and play....Besides, graduation is coming up and a lot of music has to be caught and put on tracks. It is all for the good though =)