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RhEd BoA productions was founded in 2005 by Deborah Caroline Egloff. Living in a world full of media, sounds and technology, new business models grow and interconnected subcultures emerge quickly and determine what's hot and what's not. It seemed to be a natural yet logical choice to the young entrepreneur to create a contemporary production company that respects the established, the old and the classical as well as it maintains a taste for the new and the slightly avant-garde.

Music is one of the driving forces in Deborah's life. Beginning to play the violin at age six, she gained a strong background in classical training. She also developed her voice and taught herself piano, which she likes to "prepare" every once in a while.

During her stay in London, UK, she fell in love with electronic music and started to record her compositions in her home studio.

In 2003, she graduated from SAE, the School of Audio Engineering, in Zurich, Switzerland. She gained further experience while working as a Sound Engineer and stayed in tune with the quickly changing music culture. Also, neurophysiological and neurobiological aspects of music and their role in the therapeutical and rehabilitation process is of great importance in Deborah's research.

Deborah currently resides in Boston, where she graduated "magna cum laude" from Berklee College of Music with Dual Bachelor Degrees in Music Business and Music Synthesis. She currently works on a neuroeconomical study at the MIT MediaLab and plans to complete a Master/Phd Degree in Arts, Science and Technology in the near future.

Knowing that communication is the essence of every interaction and productive process, Deborah enjoys organizing creative events, artist talks, workshops, video conferences and other moments where science and art find a common space.

RhEd BoA productions is persistently 'on the ball' in many fields of the technically and artistically challenging audio-visual world and is looking forward to discover it with like-minded people again and again.